How to get a Peaceful Mind?

A peaceful mind can achieve anything in the world. Everyone must need a peaceful mind, why because it helps you to choose the right path for you and the people around you and the whole world. Nowadays we are losing our peaceful mind by stress in Education, Career, Family, etc. This all first comes from ourselves and our Society. As a human, we can handle and overcome all of the problems with our decision. This decision is very important, why sometimes we are thinking positively and sometimes we are thinking negatively. For this type of thinking, we need a peaceful mind, because it will help us to go to the right decision. Peaceful mind having so much of positivity so we will think about positivity and positive decisions.

Every person in the world having this peaceful mind is the only reason the world peace. How means there is no Selfishness, only love will place in all hearts. So this is important for every individual in the world. So from childhood itself, no baby in the womb can get this type of mind thought can get the positivity mind. First, it will come from every mother's mindset then only it will go the baby's mind also. For this reason, only our ancestors told about the carrying of pregnant ladies. Once the baby born in the world means her/his parents are the first persons for the guidance. After that Relatives, Teachers, Colleagues and finally Life Partners takes place of their life. So they can face all problems and peoples in the world by their peaceful mind. This chain continues from to death of every person's life, it will make the peaceful world.

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The important question is how to get a peaceful mind in the hurry burry world? In the world every person's like, dislike, believe is different. This like and believe plays a major role in their stress problem. Some people Believe in God, they will go to Temples, do Poojas, using Mantras for prayers, etc. Some people do not believe in God, they will do Meditation, Yoga’s, Social Activities, etc. Common for all is going to visit Famous in the world, listening to Music, etc. This is very helpful for their Stress Problems. In this Meditation, Yoga’s or Exercise, Go to Trip plays the role of Mind Relaxation and Physical Health also.

Extend our thought is a must for leading our lives in today's world. If we extend our thought with Positivity, it will helpful for all people's happiness in the world. We will care about every living organism in the world like small Plants and Animals. Care, Love is very important Every Living Organism in the World. If you are Care or Love Plants means there is no Forest Deforestation, Flood, Air Pollution, etc. If you Care or Love Animals means we can't miss our precious Animals in the world. If you Care and Love Human Beings mean there is no Poverty, War, Differentiation between peoples, etc. Now you realize how Peaceful mind achieve anything in the world, will make world peace.

Peaceful Mind through Astrology

A powerful and un-afflicted Moon gives peace of mind. Here in this article, some easy remedies are advised which if followed with faith can offer greater peace of mind and tranquility. If you find that your mind is hardly at rest due to anxiety or negative thinking then you must get your horoscope analyzed to find out the causes. The general healing tips as recommended here will always help in addition to any remedies recommended by an astrologer after analyzing your horoscope. In fact, you do not have your correct birth data then also you can rely upon these suggested remedies. As per the principles of Vedic astrology Moon is the main planet that governs one’s state of mind and mind related problems. Just follow with confidence and reliability one or more of the following remedial tips in order to enjoy greater peace of mind and freedom from mental illnesses if any:

Wear Pure Silver:

The metal silver is governed by the planet Moon so wear pure silver in the form of a ring, bangles, wrist band or necklace, etc. The item whichever you use must fully touch your body. You can begin wearing it from a Monday after completely washing it with water.

Recite Mantra:

On full moon night sit comfortable in an easy posture and read the following mantra for at least ten to fifteen minutes. I recommend reciting it for ten to fifteen minutes and not for a certain number of counts. If you are asked to recite for a specific number of counts then your main focus is on completing the count. One gets more benefit by focusing on the mantra’s meaning and visualizing the results. “Om Som Somaayanamaha” The Sanskrit word ‘Som’ denotes an intoxicating divine drink which the gods drink. The Moon in other words ‘Somaaya’ the giver of intoxicating and comforting peace-giving rays is being worshipped through this mantra.

Ways to attain Peace Mind

Peace is not very difficult to find, you simply have to go look for it in the right direction. You may find it right in the middle of a restless day, or while making your favorite dish; all you want is to identify it first. Since time is known, people have looked into every possible way to attain peace of mind. Even, if that required them to travel on a hilltop, or surrender at a spiritual center, they mostly did everything; but failed. Depression is very common for all now a days. Everyone experiences depression and stresses in his life. Be we can come out from this state soon due to our thinking process and efforts. It is a serious matter if depression hits often and we become victim of it. Why we getting depression can also be located in horoscope.

First house in the horoscope is called ascendant and it represents brain and the behavior in which brain think and work for it. Moon plays very important role in our life as it governs feelings. Fourth house is the house of mental peace, joy, comforts. If moon badly present in his horoscope 6, 8, 12th house. It conjunction with the malefic planes. Malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu and Saturn aspect Moon. If it hemmed between two malefic planets. If it is place alone in a house with no other planets on either side of the Moon. If is posited with Sun moon loses its power and fails to give the desired result. If along with moon, ascendant is badly affected either with placement or with respect of malefic planets. If 4th house is imperfect, its lord is under the influence of malefic, the native will regularly suffer from depression and stressful life.

Like this placement in Horoscope indicate depression and stress. If you go for proper remedies, person can feel relief from stressful life, the remedies are: If moon is weak and badly place, wear Pearl or Moon Stone with the consultation of an Astrologer. If 4th house is weak or it’s under the influence of malefic plants, to strengthen the 4th house is the great remedies should be undertaken. Ascendant and its Lord will give more power by wearing Stones. Worshipping Lord Shiva or give water to Shiva Lingaa has always shown favorable results.


Though, astrology has some answers. Every person has stars influencing their course of life; including mind, body, and soul. Stars and planetary motions play a significant role in balancing, comfort and peace of mind. So, why not try examining that option.

Zodiac's influence

As every individual has different zodiacs, and personalities, so does their mind; and it's a way to relax. While hearing to instrumental music may offer peace to some, it may not work for others. Let’s find out what will work for you to obtain ‘peace’ as per your zodiac:


Involve in activities like gardening, running or traveling; anything that connects you with raw nature. Avoid being constantly involved in discussions, channelize your energy towards kids; be it teaching them, or spending time with them.


Trying ‘observing’ more than giving away, be it during discussions, or fights, you will see the change happening. Get into 10-minutes regular meditation and surrender the recurring thoughts, or take a walk daily between floras.


End worrying out yourself, and enjoy a relaxing warm bath before bed, every night without fail. Sometimes, peace turns from those who continually keep their brains working. So, sit back and look out from your terrace and enjoy life going around you.


It’s okay to sometimes, think about yourself, and have some me-time; even if it expects you to step away from work and family. Bring yoga in your life.


Everything, if goes according to you, works in your courtesy. But, achieving peace doesn’t go that way. Avoid spicy food for an instant, as it complexes your energy within, regularly altering your mind. Also, you must go in for regular swimming, it serves your requirements.


Your vibrant energy can be matched with actions like dancing, hiking or random jumping on the bed. So, do not shy and go on try it. Also, get your body the required 7-hour sleep; your mind will discover its way to peace.


Your mind is steadily active, even in your sleep, so, you must go for activities like learning new musical instruments, painting or freestyle dancing behind closed doors. Also, try to say ‘no’ to things that you know will shift you out for your comfort zone; half the fight is won there.


Get involved in things that visually motivate you, like traveling. Like you fill your mind with work, try feeding it with break sometimes, a break every 2-month, it won’t hurt you. Reveling in a spa or swimming will also prove fruitful. A piece of advice, let go of things that disturb you.


Channelizing your energy into hardcore sports is your shortcut to a peaceful mind. Whenever you over-worked or burdened with stress, just take out that soccer ball from your car and go capturing some goals.


Remember, joy comes to those who seek it; it is not served. Reveling in activities that are close to your heart is something to do more frequently than regular things, like teaching kids or painting, singing, etc. Embracing meditation on a regular basis may just work fantastic.


Get engaged in activities that connect your inner self with nature. Regular walk between green belt, gardening, even nurturing a small plant or garden in your backyard, is quite to promise you a peaceful life.


Mark out things that cover you out; if you cannot remove them from your life immediately, try distancing them from you. Avoid irritating people or breaking belief, because deep within you, your morals keep a record and sets our reminders, which exposes your peace. Spend more time and keep close with those who mind for you.

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